Atta Galatta presents In Sense: Inquiry 101

Atta Galatta

Atta Galatta presents In Sense: Inquiry 101

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Atta Galatta | Bangalore |

Nov 09 | 10 a.m.

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About Atta Galatta presents In Sense: Inquiry 101

In Sense' is a one-day workshop designed to help one understand the power of thought and learn to deal with the more stressful ones through a process of inquiry or self-questioning. Participants will be introduced to powerful questions that could help them find clarity, inner strength, self love, freedom, and zest for life without needing external circumstances to change first to find happiness. The workshop will be facilitated by Jaishree Sellamuthu.

Jaishree is a certified facilitator of Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (IBSR), known popularly as `The Work', which is a revolutionary, self-driven method for quick and sustained stress reduction. Jaishree has undergone training in workshops in the United States and Germany conducted by its founder, Byron Katie, since 2012. Besides `The Work', she has experience with several other modalities for self-awareness and personal growth including Heal Your Life® (based on the teachings of Louise Hay) and various expressive arts therapies.

She first came to `The Work' as a result of problems in the area of romantic relationships. "`The Work' has helped me find a kind inner parent to tend to and heal my wounded inner child, see through the mental clutter and stay rooted to the needs of the present, alleviate anxieties and let go of unnecessary coping mechanisms--dependencies such as junk food and cups and cups of caffeine. Overall, it helped me find a calm inner centre that I can trust amidst the chaos of the external world."

Jaishree holds an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Singapore Management University, a masters degree in Hospitality Management from Institut Paul Bocuse in France, and an MA in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. In January 2015, she founded Creative Compost®, an organisation committed to bringing the most effective self development tools to India.

Sharing more about the `In Sense' experience she said, "I will be having a limited number for the workshop. It will begin with a short meditation followed by fun, interactive processes to understand the power of thought, and finally we will look at the powerful inquiry model that is `The Work' and how one can do this for themselves. Confidentiality will be maintained and the group will be made to feel relaxed. The workshop is process oriented. I hope that participants will discover, the way I did, that the way of inquiry is an easier and more practical way to find peace and joy in the present moment."

Jaishree has previously conducted workshops on inquiry in Mumbai, Chennai, and Pondicherry, and is excited about bringing it now to Bangalore. The one-day workshop is on November 9 at `Atta Galatta', Koramangala, from 10 am to 5 pm. Priced at ₹2500. For details, call 805 620 0888 or mail: