Authentic Cuisine from The South Indian Coast

Cubbon Pavilion

Authentic Cuisine from The South Indian Coast

Bar & Restaurant |

Cubbon Pavilion | Bangalore |

Feb 28 | 7 p.m.

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About Authentic Cuisine from The South Indian Coast

ITC Gardenia presents 'Andhra Chronicles' under the aegis of the 'Kitchens
  of India' at our all day dining restaurant Cubbon Pavilion; giving our
guests a chance to rediscover and savour the 'Unique Tastes' of the cuisine
from Andhra Pradesh. This month we bring to you, a repertoire of delicious
 dishes from Andhra, flavours you must eat at least once in your lifetime!

The inspiration behind such unique variations of food lies in the opulent
culture of the state, where exotic food is prepared. The rich tradition and
philosophy of Andhra Pradesh are reflected in the culinary skills of our
Masterchefs here at ITC Gardenia, who bring to the table a rich gastronomic
experience perfected and embellished through many years of experience.
Authentic to the very essentials, the exquisite menu will feature Andhra
specialties such as Chapa Pulusu (fish curry flavored with tamarind extract
), Gutti Venkaya Kurra (eggplant based curry thickened with coconut and
peanuts), Andhra Kodi Kurra (chicken curry made with Guntur chili paste and
select spices) and Andhra Kodi Pulao (succulent chicken cooked with basmati
rice) amongst other specialties hailing from the region.

Come and experience the best of Andhra cuisine, only at ITC Gardenia.