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Baking And Podcasting With Pooja Dhingra


May 02 | 5:30 p.m.

Runs till: May 02


Online Streaming

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Event Description

To all those content creators, aspiring food bloggers and critics, podcasting enthusiasts and Pooja Dhingra fans, here is your exclusive opportunity to join her in conversation with Roshan Abbas to discuss all things related to Food Podcasting.

Pooja Dhingra's words are as smooth as the cream on her cupcakes. Join us for a session on how to convert your passion for food (cooking or eating it) into an immersive audio content.

Podcasting is the next big thing and YOU can be India’s next big podcaster! Talk about food, music, your favourite football team, fun stories from college or anything that you are super passionate about and get started at The Online Podcast Bootcamp!

Join us in conversation with your favourite infuencers talking about why they believe everybody should be a part of this universe of content creation and especially now with the podcasting scene booming! Make the best use of this opportunity and register yourself now. Watch on Zoom.us

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