BIKER DREAMS @ URBAN SOLACE -The road, my bike and me!

Urban Solace

BIKER DREAMS @ URBAN SOLACE -The road, my bike and me!

Bar & Restaurant |

Urban Solace | Bangalore |

Feb 29 | 7 p.m.

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About BIKER DREAMS @ URBAN SOLACE -The road, my bike and me!

Biker Dreams @ Urban Solace is a shared experience of people who imbibe the spirit of adventure by taking to the road, into the unknown, braving the uncertainties of nature, man and civilization.... only to renew their spirit.



Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere; and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself!


ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Vasudeva Acharya


Vasudeva Acharya hails from Mangalore and is now a retired business owner enjoy his retirement travelling on his motorcycle as often as possible. Acharya first started riding on a Rajdoot when he was just 16 years old... and in 1972 bought his 350 cc Royal Enfield. Riding at that time was limited and for more than 30 years life took over with business and family being his top most priorities.


When Acharya turned 61, in an act of serendipity a 350 Royal Enfield  was brought to his house for safe keeping... little did its owner know that it would rekindle a new love affair with the classic. Some quick road trips to nearby places fueled this age old passion. Soon  thereafter Acharya planned a 21 day road trip to Ladakh.


Over the last 8 years Acharya has done several hundred rides, riding most every weekend. Some of his longer trips are -  Bangalore to Dibrugarh, Bangalore to Bhutan, Bangalore to Gujarat & Rajasthan, Kanyakumari to Ladakh and he has crossed over 5 lakh kilometers of riding. Riding across different terrains, cultures, geographies Acharya's story of being on the road is rich with anecdotes, true life encounters with amazing human beings and the unsurpassed trill adventure.


Event Partners: FSMC

FSMC - Free Spirits Motorcycling Club was incorporated by Pavan Biddappa and VG Krishna the founding members of the Club as a result of them riding together across the length and breadth of India. Their love for riding and bikes and the experience of freedom that one has on the road is contagious and has inspired the creation of the club. Today the club is over 300 member strong and includes entire families of riders who share this same passion.