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Dec 19 | 7 p.m.

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About Binder

Sakharam Binder, the protagonist, thinks he has the system by the tail and he can disregard the culture & societal values as long as he is truthful. He picks up other men’s discarded women—castoff wives, who would otherwise be homeless, destitute or murdered with impunity, and takes them in as domestic servants and sex partners. He rules his home like a tin-pot tyrant, yet each woman is told that she is free to leave whenever she likes. He professes his ideology of absolute freedom and truthfulness, however, what he does not anticipate are the moral and emotional complications of this arrangement, which prove painfully ruinous to everyone involved. With due respect to the playwright, we have made no changes to the text in this adapted thematic staged reading. Instead of seeing this as a story of four characters, we want to show it as a mirror for us to look within ourselves, identify & accept the hypocrisy that we always carry as a first step to changing our perspective.