The Boy with No Shadow at MLR Convention Centre

MLR Convention Centre

The Boy with No Shadow at MLR Convention Centre

Bar & Restaurant |

MLR Convention Centre | Bangalore |

Nov 11 | 7:30 p.m.

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About The Boy with No Shadow at MLR Convention Centre

Brigade Hospitality brings to you one of the most awaited plays of the year, The Boy with No Shadow! The play captures the journey of a boy, which unfolds beautifully on the stage in the most humorous way possible on planet Venus.  Directed by Aditye Nair & Sridhar Ramanathan, the play will showcase the culture and present the facts associated with that region for a compelling visual delight.

The story takes the age-old desire by rulers to wage war and expand boundaries to a new time and space dimension.  The play is a comic tale of a peace-loving kingdom on the planet Venus, ruled by an absent-minded king and a very patient and understanding queen. Unfortunately, the kingdom has a military chief, who is not all that peace loving; greatly preoccupied with his need for manliness, he seeks magic potions from various sources in the universe, and secretly plans a war against a neighbouring planet. A little boy passing by drinks a bottle of one of the potions ordered by the Commander out of curiosity and turns invisible, which leads to comedy of errors and endless entertainment.

As a play on stage, it is a hilarious take on life on another planet. Come take a deep dive into the world of Venus and the hilarous journey of the Boy. All the proceeds from Donor passes will be used to support children with Cancer, with focus on the needy and low-income group.


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