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Jun 25 2022 to Jun 26 2022 3:30 p.m.



Jagriti Theatre

Jagriti Theatre, Varthur Rd, Near Adarsh Palm Meadows, Ramagondanahalli, Whitefield 560066

Event Description

What do you get when storytellers forget their stories? A cowardly bat, a magician who has run out of tricks, a velvet red mite that wants to conquer and plunder, a tea seller with a book & a moon that goes missing! All these colourful characters come together to help the storytellers find their stories!
Break.Free is a 75 minute Live original musical from the house of Crea-Shakthi & Idea of Joy. The Play mixes live music and storytelling by merging 5 original tales created by Crea-Play, the storytelling app.
The Play is a fun evening for the entire family but especially for children aged 3+ - The original stories will have you all tapping your feet and singing along with the performers on stage and the stories will hit home with joy and relevance

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