Bringing Kashmir to Namma Bengaluru


Bringing Kashmir to Namma Bengaluru

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Lush | Bangalore |

Feb 17 | 7 p.m.

Ends on: Feb 27

About Bringing Kashmir to Namma Bengaluru

Kashmir is not just called the paradise on earth for its surreal beauty but also for its authentic cuisine that is much appreciated in different parts of the world. LUSH, the fine dining restaurant at Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel known for curating some of the choicest of food fairs brings to you another alluring offering straight from jewel crown of India, Kashmir. 

Curated in collaboration with Chef Bashir Wazza of Kashmir and Renaissance's own talented Chef Sanjeev, the food festival promises an incredible line up of dishes and desserts that are bound to rekindle your palate. Some of the signature Kashmiri dishes are Gustaba, Rishtad, girda, chochwor, Shermal, Bakarkhani, Tabak massyukni, ver masala, waza kokur (machwangan korma, dhaniwal korma, Rogan) zereshk pulao, which is sure to leave you wanting for more. 


One can choose from an array of authentic Kashmiri Desserts such as Kavaa crème rules, Keser Kulfi with Kava reduction, Apple fan phirni, Apple Murabba.

The taste of Wazwan is coming to you from 17th to 27th February.


Experience the best of food and hospitality like no other, only at LUSH.