Celebrate Margarita Day at Sanchez


Celebrate Margarita Day at Sanchez

Bar & Restaurant |

Sanchez | Bangalore |

Feb 18 | noon

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About Celebrate Margarita Day at Sanchez

Raise a toast to this Mexican cocktail on 22nd February


Whether you like it fruity, zesty, demure or spicy… there is a very special Margarita at Sanchez for you! This Margarita Day, celebrate your favourite drink with delightful variations of this fruity, tequila-based cocktail. Mixologist Robert Hospet has curated a menu comprising a selection of hand-crafted, zero-waste Margaritas with a twist.


The Spicy Pinta-Rita is a delightful concoction of tequila, pomegranate, and orange liqueur topped with sweet & sour mix, a lime wedge and floating pomegranate seeds. The Sunset Margarita is made from yuzu puree & passion shrub while the Midnight Margarita is made from fresh lime juice, agave nectar and sea salt, topped with lime and black cherry. The Skinny Margarita contains elderflower, lime and cucumber and the Verde Margarita gives you a sweet and spicy taste with agave syrup, fresh lime, cucumber, basil and jalapeno and is served with paprika salted rim.