Celebrate this Holi-day with Sanchez’s Holy-Tacos

Sanchez Indirangar

Celebrate this Holi-day with Sanchez’s Holy-Tacos

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Sanchez Indirangar | Bangalore |

Mar 06 | noon

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About Celebrate this Holi-day with Sanchez’s Holy-Tacos

Usher in spring’s first festival of the year at Bengaluru’s favourite Mexican destination, Sanchez. The Holi menu, specially curated by Chef Vikas Seth is a riot of flavours and colours, bringing out the true essence of the festival.


Choose from a range of colourful mini tacos- which serves 6 pieces per portion, like Cilantro Tacos, Soft Roasted Beet Tacos, Nutritious Carrot Corn Tacos and Purple Tacos made using red cabbage juice. Our modern take on Mexico’s corn and wheat flour soft taco’s will keep you wanting for more!


Celebrate the unique hues, textures and tastes on the plate, from any of the delightful dishes on the menu like the Chilli Citrus Shrimp in Purple Tacos, Charred Cauliflower in Spinach Tacos, Sanchez’s Holy Tacos and much more! Specially curated accompaniments like Mango Salsa, Smokey Chipotle Salsa, Queso Fresco add to the vibrancy of the dish.