Bandar ke haath champagne

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Bandar ke haath champagne

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Alliance Francaise | Bangalore |

Nov 30 | 4 p.m.

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About Bandar ke haath champagne

Bandar ke haath champagne
Original Marathi playwright- Dr. Vivek Bele
Hindi translation and Direction- Sandeep Paranjape
Synopsis of the play-
We, the people of India, have politics imbibed in every aspect of our living. It is the thread that binds us all.
Our elections are a circus, where people are the audience, politicians are (supposedly) the performers and media is the narrator of this grand festival. But the whole situation can take an unexpected turn when the narrator becomes the influencer.
This play narrates the story of three friends with distinct personalities. Their lives change when a girl walks in and all of them find themselves competing against each other. Some seek attention, some adventure, and some just chaos. This story through its life events and interactions is a take on how the stakeholders of our democracy woo the public and how the public in turn responds to these advances.
Expectations, promises, tactics, rifts, alliances, manipulation - all find their way to the stage as this hilarious story unfolds.
Cast- Mugdha Phadanvis, Priyanka Priyadarshinee, Harsh Agarwal, Chinmay Sharma, Vivek Pataskar, Mann Chatbar, Amit Mehrotra