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ಚಿರತೆ ಬಂತು ಚಿರತೆ | Chirate Bantu Chirate Live and Let Live


Jun 26 2023 to Jun 26 2023 6:30 p.m.



Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

120 mins | Kannada with English Subtitles | 2022 The content of the film is based on the phenomenon of symbiosis which exists in Nature right from the creation of the Universe. This concept depicts the theory of coexistence and Live and Let Live among living beings.

The story was inspired by an ancient stone sculpture that exists on the bank of river, Tungabhadra, flowing near Sringeri. The sculpture depicts the protection of a pregnant frog by a poisonous cobra. The cobra spreads its hood above the frog, shielding her from the harsh sun. This way, the predator protects its prey.

The Protagonist Parthappa, is an educated person who by circumstantial compulsions is forced to take up agriculture in a remote village in Karnataka. The film opens with the announcement of leopard attack on one of the bullocks belonging to Madappa, a rich farmer and one of the headmen in the village. Madappa insists that Parthappa to shoot and kill the leopard, with the licensed gun he had inherited from his father. Parthappa is reluctant to kill the leopard and tries his best to convince the villagers, by explaining the consequences. As the pressure to shoot the leopard mounts, Parthappa thinks of ways to protect it.

The screening will be followed by a conversation with the Director, CR Krishnamurthy, Producer, Jagadish Malnad and Actor & Activist, Mohan Rao.

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