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Cinderella – A Musical ( Kannada Show)


Dec 09 2023 to Dec 09 2023 3 p.m.


Price: Rs 600 Book/Buy


Prestige Srihari Khoday Center for Performing Arts

Silver Oak Plantation, 25, Mudalappa Street, Anjanadri Layout, Konanakunte, Bengaluru 560062

Event Description

The magical fairy tale of Cinderella has been adapted to create a delightful experience for the young and the adults alike. Cinderella, a beautiful and kind young lady, lives in oppressive conditions, silently bearing the sufferings perpetrated by her stepmother and two stepsisters. Despite being treated with contempt in her own house, her feelings towards others continue to be untouched by hatred. One fine day, Cinderella’s unbearable cries of sadness invoke the fairy Godmother. She magically transforms Cinderella into a dazzling princess. The stroke of midnight hour is the moment of climax. Bound by the confines of time and magic, Cinderella meets her Prince Charming and falls in love. But a twist of fate leads to separation. A crystal shoe, left behind by Cinderella, becomes the symbol of their love. The mesmerised Prince seeks his beloved through a grand search. Finally, Cinderella is found and her stepmother and stepsisters are punished for their misdeeds. And Cinderella lives happily ever after with her Prince.

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