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Cracking The Code Of Sleep Bridging the Gap between Science and Ancient Wisdom


Apr 03 2024 to Apr 03 2024 6:30 p.m.



Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

This discussion will examine the intricate realm of sleep through the dual perspectives of modern scientific knowledge and ancient Eastern wisdom. Despite significant advancements in knowledge, there remain uncharted territories in our comprehension of sleep. Do underlying physiological factors hinder restful sleep, and could individualised combinations of root causes contribute to the sleep challenges faced by each person? When viewed through the contrasting lenses of science and ancient wisdom, sleep challenges may manifest differently. Is there a way to harmonise the insights from both realms for a more comprehensive understanding? Exploring the scientific intricacies of the body’s systems alongside the ancient principles of Ayurveda, particularly the concept of the three doshas, presents a promising avenue. This approach aims to transcend dichotomies and foster a synergistic relationship between various perspectives. Following two presentations by Deepa Kannan, author of the book How To Sleep Better-The Miraculous 10-Step Protocol To Recharge Your Mind & Body, and Dr Uma Maheswari Krishnaswamy will be a dialogue moderated by writer Thomas Abraham and a Q&A session with the audience. Speakers Deepa Kannan Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Yoga Acharya Deepa Kannan is an Allied Functional Medicine Practitioner, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author and a Yogini at OHA Health. Having a son with a rare adrenal disorder gave her insight into the working of the adrenals. She is the author of the book How To Sleep Better-The Miraculous 10-Step Protocol To Recharge Your Mind & Body by HarperCollins with a foreword by Dr. Mark Hyman. She has been featured in Femina, Scroll, Mint Lounge, the podcast 15-Minute Matrix and the UK Health Radio discussing sleep. Deepa’s journey as a healer is a one of continual evolution, that runs in parallel with her life. She has navigated through childhood struggles, a failed marriage and a divorce, remarriage to her soul companion and the birth of a child with a rare genetic disorder, using adversity and deep pain as fuel for her growth and transformation. She brings her soul purpose of holistic health, living with vitality and manifesting dreams to her practice every single day, helping people achieve and maintain a state of well-being that serves their vision for themselves. You can find her on Instagram at @ohahealth and on www.ohahealth.com. Uma Maheswari Krishnaswamy Professor, Pulmonary Medicine, St. John's Medical College Dr Uma Maheswari Krishnaswamy is an MD, DM, Fellow in Sleep Disorders(RCP) currently working as a Professor of Pulmonary Medicine and course co-ordinator, Sleep Fellowship at the St. John’s Medical College in Bangalore. With 65 publications and 1 copyright (Indian Sleepiness Scale) to her credit, her areas of interest in research include data mining and phenotyping in chronic respiratory and sleep disorders. Outside of her academic pursuits she loves reading, writing (fiction, poetry, patient awareness articles) and listening to music. Thomas Abraham Writer & Science Communicator Thomas Abraham is a science communicator and writer with a particular interest in how infectious diseases have shaped human history. He is the author of Twentieth Century Plague: The Story of SARS, and Polio: The Odyssey of Eradication. He is currently working on a book on the Covid-19 pandemic.

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