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Ekatvam Holi Music Fest at The Bangalore Gayana Samaja


Mar 20 | 4:30 p.m.

Runs till: Mar 22


The Bangalore Gayana Samaja

Bangalore 530069

Event Description

Music and colour have the power to influence a person at multiple levels, in a powerful and memorable sense. Both have the power to create shift in one’s thoughts, enliven us, soothe us, and in many ways put us in touch with our emotions. As we all know seven colours make up the rainbow and seven basic notes form a musical composition.


At the start of the spring, Holi, the festival of colours is celebrated amid serenity, liveliness, and with music. As a part of this, Ekatvam is bringing colour and music together at the Ekatvam Holi Music Fest 2020 at the Bangalore Gayana Samaja from March 20th – 22nd 2020. Ten concerts from upcoming and renowned artists will enthral you with their genius. So, seek the colour in music and the music in colour.


The concerts will be a mix of free and ticketed events. Tickets can be booked online( www.bookmyshow.com) and also at the venue.


About Ekatvam

Driven by the belief that there is no higher religion than human service and social work, Ekatvam, an initiative of the Nada Veda Mithram Trust, strives to – Harmonise Music/Contextualise Indian Ethics/ Value and Cherish the elderly


Music is older than civilization – it reminds us of our primitive past. At the same time, music is capable of elevating us into refined spiritual beings. It’s perhaps the only human invention that is both basic and evolved.


Indian Ethics - Ekatvam shall strive to help Indian children practice humane values and ethics that come to us from a purer time. There is a sense of urgency now about rediscovering our roots, and anchoring our identity because globalization is quickly homogenizing our planet. Sometime during our quest for development, we have lost an awe-inspiring way of life. We can reclaim it if we rummage the ruins of our ancient social structures. Our focus is to bequeath our best ancient ideas to the future.


Elderly Care - Ekatvam will work towards enhancing the quality of life enjoyed by our elderly. Due to modern-day pressures, the younger generation is unable to give our elderly the one thing they crave – our time. At Ekatvam, our unwavering focus is on improving the quality of life of the elderly through training programs, counselling and community living initiatives.


Donate - When you donate to Ekatvam, you enable our mission of connecting ideas and people in our chosen fields of work. You support talented artists, help revive our culture and equip our elderly to live a life of purpose.

You may transfer your donations to: M/s. Nada Veda Mithram

Account No – 50200027704979

HDFC Bank, MG Road Branch/IFSC Code – HDFC0000076


All the contributions will go towards Ekatvam Elderly care and are exempt from tax under Section 80(G) and 12(A)


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