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Elevator Safety Run - Pledge for Elevator Safety


Mar 02 2024 to Mar 03 2024 6:30 a.m.


Price: "3/5 KM Physical Run (Not Timed) - ₹549" "5 KM Physical (Timed) - ₹699" "10 KM (TIMED) - ₹899" Book/Buy


Tumkur Road

Yeshwanthpur Industrial Area 562123

Event Description

Virgo Launches Global First: Elevator Safety Run, Paving the Way for Safer Vertical and Horizontal Transportation for All! A pioneering initiative unites all stakeholders to foster awareness, promote safe practices, and showcase an unwavering commitment to delivering secure and safe vertical transportation solutions for everyone. WHY ELEVATOR SAFETY RUN? The key objectives of this initiative are: Increasing Awareness: Elevator safety runs will bring attention to the critical aspect of elevator safety among various stakeholders, including end users, buyers, manufacturers, maintenance personnel, and regulatory authorities. This event will educate the public about the importance of safe practices when using elevators. Demonstrating Commitment: The elevator safety run serves as a visible symbol of the industry's commitment to elevating safety standards. It showcases that elevator manufacturers, service providers, and all involved parties are dedicated to maintaining and improving safety protocols. Preventing Accidents: Elevators are a common mode of transportation in buildings, and ensuring their safety is paramount in preventing accidents, injuries, or even fatalities. By promoting safe practices and raising awareness, an elevator safety run can help reduce the number of incidents related to elevators.

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