ESQAPE at 1Q1 ft Tracy De Sa & Spin Doctor


ESQAPE at 1Q1 ft Tracy De Sa & Spin Doctor

Bar & Restaurant |

1Q1 | Bangalore |

Feb 08 | 9 p.m.

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About ESQAPE at 1Q1 ft Tracy De Sa & Spin Doctor

Tracy De Sa was born in India, but raised in Portugal where she spent the beginning of her childhood, moved to Spain where she grew up and finally moved to France. Flamenco, Reggaeton & R&B nurtured Tracy’s first years in music before everything was disrupted by a brutal collision with Hip Hop. From the 5 disciplines that originated in the Bronx, she used dance as her first tool, giving Rhythm to the beginning of the 2000s with acrobatics and contortions with battle and clashes, driven by the energy and competitiveness of Hip Hop. The artistry between Rappers, Dancers, Graffiti artists, and DJs provocatively overlapped and instinctively Tracy picked up a pen and a paper and joined the discipline of Rap. The gestures, the attitude, the activist spirit, all these characteristics were the evidence of a skill that was waiting to be explored.


The Stage became her personal boxing ring, for which she trains incessantly. She sees to every detail, perfects every trait, and improves her shows. Her set should have the power to move bodies, the content should have the ability to open minds and elevate senses.


Today as the music industry has written down her name followed by the words “ explosive potential” after her performance at the Printeps De Bourges, a national competition for upcoming artists in France. Tracy has chose ovastand to produce her first album “Commotion”. Without a designated beatmaker, Tracy listened and sorted instruments until an unexpected encounter with Tiery – F came to complete the project like the last piece of a puzzle. With his melodies, catchy beats and groovy tempos, he took control and delivered an album that is musically homogenous but still explores Tracy’s multifaceted life.


In an era where rap music settles for lugubrious and sad insturmentals, Tracy builds her own road using hip hop grenades that lift up spirits.


Word play and metaphors thatcan be visualised make important subjects sound so subtle in Tracy’s songs as she firmly holds the mic. Tracy sweeps her listeners off their feet with improvised and risky changes in rhythm and she galvanises the audience with vigorous rhymes. She talks about change, life and doubts, reciting the story of a small girl who left India and flourished throughout the journey amidst the chaotic roads of new cities.



The Mumbai based DJ/Dr Sanjay Meriya aka the Spindoctor has established himself as a premier DJ who creates and performs electronic dance music, including remixes of club & Hip Hop favourites, Home, and amalgamation of other styles. He is known as non 1 turntablist and with various skills such as scratching, beat, juggling, sampling etc. He has performed with Oliver Heldens, Gully Gang, Russel Peters, Raja Kumari Monica Dogra to name a few.


He has also been part of festivals  like Timeout, Bacardi Weekender, Bollywood Music Project, Ziro Festival of Music, VH Supersonic and Ridermania 2018. He has performed outside of India as well.