An Evening of Love Poems

Urban Solace

An Evening of Love Poems

Theatre |

Urban Solace | Bangalore |

Feb 18 | 8 p.m.

Ends on: Feb 18

About An Evening of Love Poems


Over the last 300+ Weeks “Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace” poets have wrung tears of joy, nods of recognition, fleeting smiles, happy applause, wistful memories ... and several unforgettable poems.

Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace is featured in the Limca Book of Records 2016 as the Longest Running Poetry Event in India.


In our 320th edition of Tuesdays with the Bard @ Urban Solace is a special evening of Love poems that is also an open mic night. So if you have a love poem that you have written or a love poem that has touched your life, please bring it over and share it with others.




The Energy of Love is all pervasive and uses the elements of the five elements as well as the multi dimensionality of the human soul to bring to our experience the abundance of love in all areas of our life.


As poets and lovers of poetry you are part of a chosen number of souls that have been blessed with the gift of poetry to access these higher levels of our consciousness, using the magic of poetry to heal the soul through  the emotional roller coaster that is life as we allow the words of creator flow through us to heal and complete the its journey.


If you have a poem to share that has flowed through you or if you have been touched by the words of a poem, the this evening is for you. Bring your poem over and share it with others so that the energy of love will continue its healing journey.