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FIFA 20 | ESPL Qualifiers I | Pyzo Gaming


May 03 | 8 p.m.

Runs till: May 17


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Event Description

About ESPL

eSports Premier League will be India's first ever season long professional league contested between eight franchise (cities). Qualifiers will create a pool of best 100 gamers in India who will be a part of the bidding process later in the year.

Play the qualifiers to be a part of the prestigious league and also win cash prizes along the way.

Minimum basic requirements: 

1. Own or have access to a PS4 and compatible controller;

2. Own or have access to official FIFA 20 on the PS4; 

3. Have a valid account for PlayStation Network (“Account for PSN”) and an associated PSN ID; 

4. Have a valid subscription to an active PlayStation Plus members.

5. High Speed Internet


1. Mode: 1v1

2. Tournament system: Knockout stages ( 2 legged: Home and Away ) 

3. Team: As per your preference


1. Game mode: Head to Head – 1on1

2. Match duration: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)

3. Controls: Any; Keeper settings: World Class

4. Game Speed: Normal

5. Squad Type: Online

6. In case of draw: Golden Goal OR Penalty

7. Conditions (Normal conditions to play, no rain, snow etc.)

8. Camera and other settings– Default

You will be contacted once you buy the pass to share the fixture details. For any inquiries, write to us at: i@esmagico.in or WhatsApp at 9407474888.

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