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Fit Bengaluru is back with a virtual edition to help Bengalureans stay fit and healthy during the lockdown


Apr 20 | 6 p.m.

Runs till: May 03


Online Streaming

Online Streaming Online Streaming

Event Description

The global outbreak of Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdown has brought our lives to a standstill, in many ways. The new normal is a far cry from our regular routines. While the main concern is to stay safe from the Coronavirus, we can’t ignore the other physical and mental issues that are cropping up, due to the uncertainty, panic and chaos brought about by this unprecedented crisis. 


Our work has shifted online, and most of our other day-to-day needs are also being met online largely, since stepping out is not a viable option. Our fitness requirements are no different. Exercise remains central to healthy living. Regular physical activity has profound effects on the immune system, apart from promoting mental well-being. In short, people need to stay active, and keeping this idea in mind, Fit Bengaluru decided to launch a virtual edition. 


About Fit Bengaluru – Virtual Edition

When:             20 April – 03 May 2020

Where:            6:00pm – Instagram Live


This Edition aims to target not just workouts for physical fitness, but is also aimed at addressing the holistic well-being of an individual, keeping in mind the stress being caused by the lockdown. Hence, the itinerary includes talks, laughter yoga, sound bath meditation, and hip hop dance, apart from full body workouts, and a session to learn the art of making healthy salads during this lockdown.



Fit Bengaluru makes this Edition special by giving us access to instructors, right in our homes, who we would not normally be able to train with.  

·       Drew Neal:

World kickboxing champion and personal trainer to celebrities like Farhan Akhtar and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Has also been a kickboxing coach for the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations. He will be conducting a cardio and strength-based class using kickboxing movements.

·       Deepti Martolia: Lyrical Yoga

Lyrical Yoga blends the ‘Flow’ of Vinyasa yoga and the ‘Fluidity’ of dance. Lyrical Yoga believes that each one of us, has a natural rhythm to our body and this practice will help you discover the flow of your body and explore your own uniqueness. This holistic practice integrates mind-body connection and prepares you through the inward exploration of the body and breath.

·       Swetha Subbiah & Kunal Rajput: The Fitness Bloc Party

Nike certified instructors, Swetha Subbiah and Kunal Rajput will conduct a medium to high intensity session, which will include a carefully curated mix of traditional calisthenics and body weight training with interval training and strength training, set to a wicked playlist that makes this session one fitness party you don’t want to miss!

·       Urmi Kothari 

A Boston Marathon runner, she is certified in Chi running, ‘Animal Flow, Kettle Bell and Functional Training, Black Belt, Kickboxing, Resistance tubing, Power lifting, Step aerobics, and Yoga apart from being a Reebok Certified Aerobics and Body Conditioning Coach. 

·       Sarah Edwards

A certified Health and Wellness Coach, passionate cook and founder of Copper + Cloves. Through Copper + Cloves, Sarah has brought well-being focused events in Bangalore, including Bangalore’s first ever Yoga Brunch and Yoga Supper Club.


Commenting on this initiative, Ms. Uzma Irfan – Director, Prestige Group said, “The 4th Edition of Fit Bengaluru was scheduled for July 2020. However, given the current scenario, we felt that people needed some motivation now, to work out regularly, while being confined in their homes. Moreover, this pandemic is leading to a lot of mental illness as well. People who were germophobic have now become paranoid. People with anxiety issues are now depending on medication to function. A lot of people are expected to develop agoraphobia (fear of stepping out) by the time this crisis passes. Hence, there is an urgent need to help people stay distracted, motivated and as stress-free as possible, during this period. Our itinerary for Fit Bengaluru therefore, includes not just proper workouts, but also other forms of therapy aimed at helping people de-stress. We already have a lot of excited participants, and we hope that you all will also make the most of this initiative to stay healthy and happy in this difficult time.” 


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