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'Ganga' Featuring Works by Yusuf and Shibu Arakkal


Jun 07 2024 to Jul 10 2024 10 a.m.



Gallery G

Lavelle Road 560001

Event Description

'Ganga,' features works by the late Yusuf Arakkal and his son Shibu Arakkal. The exhibition explores the profound significance of the river Ganga through two contrasting mediums: evocative canvas paintings by Yusuf and striking photographic works by Shibu.

The exhibition features the evocative expressionist paintings of Yusuf Arakkal, known for his bold brushstrokes and vivid colors, influenced by artists like Egon Schiele and Francis Bacon. Alongside are Shibu Arakkal's striking photographic works from his 'Mallaah' series, which poignantly capture the lives of the boatmen of the Ganga, showcasing their deep connection to the river. This blend of mediums offers a unique and profound exploration of the sacred river's significance.

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