Healing Through Music With Vasundhara Das on Facebook Live

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Healing Through Music With Vasundhara Das on Facebook Live

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Jun 18 | 4:30 p.m.

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About Healing Through Music With Vasundhara Das on Facebook Live

The interaction with Indian actor, musician, entrepreneur, and environmentalist Vasundhara Das will touch upon the significance of music therapy and its role in evoking positive emotions for improved mental wellness and tranquility.

Trained in Hindustani classical music, Vasundhara Das has made an indelible mark in Indian film and music industry, with her work in Lagaan, Hey Raam, Monsoon Wedding, to name a few. She is also trained in Drum Circle Facilitation with Arthur Hull and runs Drumjam, which pioneered the use of drum circles for corporate training programs, team building, and community building at corporations, communities, schools, and colleges across India. Additionally, she also has the distinction of being one of 16 International trainers in Europe and Australasia, who constitute the Village Music Circles Global Trainer Team. At present, in her Bangalore based studio called The Active, Das focusses on music composition and creates original independent music.

This session will emphasizing on the fact that music is a primal language utilized for thousands of years. 

These talk shows are being hosted through the live video streaming feature of Facebook, FB Live with the idea is to genuinely share some great content with the seniors with some great orators to keep them engaged. This is scheduled on June 18, 2020 at 4:30 pm on www.facebook.com/columbia.pacific.communities