Healthy Kansa launch by Dietician Dr Namita Jain at Atta Galatta

Atta Galatta

Healthy Kansa launch by Dietician Dr Namita Jain at Atta Galatta

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Atta Galatta | Bangalore |

Nov 22 | 5 p.m.

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About Healthy Kansa launch by Dietician Dr Namita Jain at Atta Galatta

Dr Namita Jain will give health tips and launch healthy Kansa tableware by Kishco. She will talk about the benefits of healthy cooking and also about her personal journey in healthy food habits.


Gut healthy kansa is making a come back!


Kishco, has used ancient alchemy and craftsmanship to forge the Pure Kansa Collection. The Kansa is 100-perecnt Pure, containing 78-percent copper and 22-percent tin. Eating and drinking from high quality Pure Kansa is beneficial for health as it alkalises and purifies food and protects the body. The rich golden colour of the metal improves with age and food served in it, remains fresh and hygienic.


Daily usage

Pure Kansa is recommended for daily use for deriving health benefits. It is easy to maintain, as it doesn’t tarnish (unlike brass or copper or silver). In addition, it is long lasting, and wear and tear resistant.


Eco Friendly - Pure Kansa can be recycled, it is eco-friendly.

Durable - At Kishco, we ensure that this alloy is subjected to extreme levels of heat, making it strong, durable and difficult to break.

Glorious Heritage - Indian culture has deep roots in Ayurvedic science and most of our traditions are tied in with good health. At Kishco, we aim to revive this heritage. Pure Kansa is handcrafted by skilled artisans and craftsmen.

Boundless health - Pure Kansa has extraordinary health properties. That is why, Ayurvedic physicians recommend the usage of Pure Kansa for holistic healing, stress relieving, and purifying properties.


• The Sanskrit phrase – Kansyam Buddhivardhakam (which means kansa sharpens our intellect and pays tribute to its therapeutic powers) advocates the virtues of Pure Kansa.

• It has alkaline properties and purifies the food.

• It is a good conductor of heat and keeps food warm for a longer time.

• It is hygienic, Pure Kansa can destroy micro-organisms.

• It has vital medicinal and healing properties, which the food or water kept in it acquires. The copper present in Pure Kansa reduces inflammation and improves haemoglobin, whereas the tin strengthens absorption and digestion.

• Regular use of Pure Kansa improves digestion, immunity and can help prevent illness.


Cleaning Instructions: Clean with soft dishwashing detergent or with tamarind (imli) and water. Dry well before storage to retain the shine.


Dr Namita Jain

Dr Namita Jain is recipient of honorary Post Doctorate title from the Young Scientist University, USA, (for excellence in the field of Healthcare and Wellness). She also holds a PhD doctorate and is Managing Director of Kishco Limited.


Dr Namita Jain consults at Bombay Hospital as a wellness specialist. She is a consultant to the Food Safety Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). She is an author of 12 health and fitness books and a leading columnist for newspapers and magazines.


She has been a recipient of international and national awards such as ‘The Department of International women’s excellence award’ and the ‘Savvy excellence award’, amongst others. She is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the American council of Exercise, the Aerobic and fitness association of America, and the Pilates UK institute, Reebok and Yoga institute.


She has conducted inspiring health and wellness presentations at Young Presidents Organisation (YPO), Indian Merchants Chamber (IMC), The Press club of Mumbai.


She was nutrition partner for the Miss India pageant 2012, and a celebrity nutritionist on the Food Food tv channel. She has created a guideline for healthcare and food safety for under- previledged school children in Gujarat.