“Holika Dahan” cocktail at URU Brewpark to celebrate Holi

URU Brewpark

“Holika Dahan” cocktail at URU Brewpark to celebrate Holi

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URU Brewpark | Bangalore |

Mar 10 | noon

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About “Holika Dahan” cocktail at URU Brewpark to celebrate Holi

Uru Brewpark has a special cocktail to celebrate holi this and is aptly titled “Holika Dahan” and is made with Hibiscus mixed gin, lager beer, butterfly pea syrup, fire ball & cranberry reduction! 


This is traditional holi in a glass from the burning of the fireball boat to the color mixture at the end, similar to how Holi is celebrated. 

The concept was to contribute small ingredients to the festival creating a huge colorful impact leading to the flow of positive vibes throughout the celebration and burning up the past, drinking in the positivity of the present and indulging in the rhythm of a colorful future.

Two shot glasses are placed on top of a beer glass containing beer and butterfly pea. These shot glasses contain the mixture and reduction. A flaming fireball boat is kept on top of them. It starts with dropping the flaming boat into the beer, after which you remove the shot glass and drink the hibiscus mixed gin! Meanwhile the reduction glass falls into the beer glass, creating a colorful fusion of cranberry and butterfly pea!

Cost of the Drink: Rs.495++


URU Brewpark is  by Intentia Hospitality LLP, a conglomerate of Maratt Hospitality Pvt ltd and Genessee Hospitality LLP that are managed by Kuncheria Marattkulam and Karthik Chandrashekaran respectively.