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How to Control Your Thoughts for Calmness


Mar 02 2024 to Mar 02 2024 5 p.m.


Price: 600 Book/Buy


Atta Galatta Bookstore

178, 5th Main Rd, Binnamangala, Hoysala Nagar, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Event Description

The human mind is a fertile ground where millions of thoughts are created. Research shows that we have approximately 70000 thoughts that cross our mind per day. Majority of them are repetitive. If we are able to reduce 10,000 thoughts, you will notice a significant increase in efficiency. If you can cut another 10 or 20 thousand, you will become a highly efficient person with a happy mindset. Thoughts are powerful and useful tools when applied to a specific problem-solving activity. However, when it manifests as random and repeated thoughts, it incapacitates us from enjoying the beauty of our everyday lives. How do you control your random, repetitive thoughts? How can you get out of your monkey mind (restless mind)? Meditation is, of course, an effective tool. But how many of us can sit and meditate for half an hour or one hour every day? Our coaching offers an effective technique to control your thoughts without meditation or medicine. Paul V. Mohan, an engineer turned psychotherapist and the author of the widely recognised book ‘The Man Who Harnessed His Mind `, has developed an effective thought control tool. Years of observing the activities of paddy farmers in his village, inspired him to develop this thought control technique and he gave it a practical framework based on the theories of modern psychotherapy. He has successfully used this method with numerous clients in his ten years of life coaching, and this has helped them to come out of their vicious cycle of thoughts. We invite you to experience and empower yourself through this knowledge that will help you overcome your repetitive and unwanted thoughts.

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