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I Killed my Mother / It Wasn’t my Fault - The Story of an Ordinary Day in Her Life


Sep 24 2023 to Sep 24 2023 7 p.m.



Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

Duration: 60 minutes | English and Hindi | Suited for: 16+

For this Girl of 25, life with herself is continually turbulent. This morning is particularly overwhelming; she is assaulted by self-doubt, unemployment, too much social media, and her mother. Still, She must brave the mundanity and frivolousness of urban girlhood, all the while looking for someone to blame. This is the story of an ordinary day in Her life.

Director’s Note: Is it frivolous to be active on social media? Is it silly to dress up and take pictures of yourself? Is it cringe to relate more strongly to memes than literature? Is it a privilege to not want to work or have a career? Is it shameful to talk back to your parents? Is it slutty to desire? Is it un-feminist to not help your mother around the house? Is it lazy to wake up late every day? Is it desperation when you want to be invited to a party? Is it a mental illness when you just don’t like yourself? And is it absolutely crazy to have so many thoughts all the time, all at once? Or is it just everyday life for countless young women? This is a play for and young wayward women, inquisitive and conscious of their privilege in society, people addicted to their phones, and anyone who finds themselves caught between the slippery planes of the online portal between their own reality and the world beyond. We take frivolity seriously.

Writer & Director: Mallika Shah Executive Producer/Movement

Director: Meghana AT Light Designer: Adi Shastri Visual Designer: Malvika Dwivedi Sound Designer: Manish Khushalani Associate Producer: Sunayana Premchander

About KathaSiyah: KathaSiyah is a multilingual, feminist, performance collective centered around ethics of care and a deliberate awareness of our own position in relation to the work we make.

We are a collective of young artists that support our peers in the creation of new work. IKMM is KathaSiyah’s first project in Mumbai.

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