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Indian Traditional & Folk Art Show At MKF Museum Of Art


Jun 18 2022 to Jun 28 2022 11 a.m.

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MKF Museum of Art

55/1 Isha villa, Lavelle road 560001

Event Description

pUrva is an exhibition of Indian Traditional and Folk Art curated by ArtenBlu at the MKF Museum of Art. The show will feature some of India's rich traditions of folk art in diverse styles.  

The much awaited Traditional and Folk Art event ‘pUrva 2022 is back for the 3rd year. This art show brings a curated selection of traditional and folk art from various parts of India including Pichwai, Pattachittra, Miniature, Mysore & Kalighat paintings. India has a rich tradition of Folk Art and art forms from various tribes and parts of the country. These beautiful and exquisite art forms are seldom showcased in art spaces. This event is curated by ArtenBlu to create awareness and a platform to showcase these indigenous art forms to art patrons. This is also the extension of its mission to revive and preserve India's rich artistic culture and heritage, create opportunities and sustainability for these gifted artists and artisans. Some of these art forms are dying because of the complexity of the work, time consuming techniques and lack of proper channels to consistently support and promote them. One such dying art form featured is the Surpur Line Art from Karnataka. We are also introducing Saurabh Sadanand Dingare, a contemporary artist, heavily influenced by tradition and heritage, leading him to develop a unique style of whimsical and quirky art.

Date: 18th - 28th June, 2022
Time: 11.00 AM - 6:30 PM (Tuesday to Sunday)
Venue: MKF Museum of Art, Lavelle Road

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