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Just Hiss A Theatrical Ode to Coexistence


Jun 23 2024 to Jun 23 2024 11 a.m.


Bangalore International Centre

7 4th Main Rd, Stage 2, Domlur 560071

Event Description

50 minutes | English and Kannada | Ages 8-12 years Just Hiss is a compelling adaptation of the short folk story titled A Serpent’s Predicament. Just Hiss is an ode to coexistence, following the transformative journey of a snake to choose love over hate. As the play navigates the complex dynamics between the snake, the forest denizens, and the villagers of Rasbharpur, it skillfully tackles the universal themes of unity and understanding. The resonant narrative serves as a reminder of the profound impact that choices, particularly those rooted in love and compassion, can have on fostering harmony in a world shared by diverse beings. Director’s note: Just Hiss is not just a play; it is a whimsical journey crafted especially for children, featuring endearing animal characters. At its heart, it unfolds an analogical tale, resonant with the pressing message of our times—understanding the limitations of one’s perspective and the imperative need to embrace and accommodate others. Conceived with meticulous care and having undergone several work-in-progress phases, this play is a testament to the idea that assumptions should yield to genuine inquiry. It serves as a reminder to care enough to ask, fostering the spirit of coming together and progressing impactfully.


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