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Kaadhu Katheyadhavaru


Mar 05 2024 to Mar 05 2024 7:30 p.m.


Price: Rs 200 Book/Buy


Ranga Shankara

36/2, 8th Cross Rd, R K Colony, 2nd Phase, J. P. Nagar 560078

Event Description

A storyline revolving around the lost lower class, less fortunate, and unusual people who are deprived and propelled from their villages, whose livelihood is now based in an old temple uphill away from the town, anticipating a disruptive and anonymous personality with respect to everyone’s life. A Story revolving the life’s picture of the uncertain, deranged, orphaned, and the drunkards. A story revolving around the tragic characters who fight themselves against the administration, caste, creed and monopoly, later finding themselves an unusual way of life. This play offers Fondness, tenderness and not on track love stories along with a journey on the road hugged by beliefs and humility and the search for the final destination of new life, ultimately resulting in a tragic way.

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