Kerala Mural Painting

Lahe Lahe

Kerala Mural Painting

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Lahe Lahe | Bangalore |

Dec 10 | 10 a.m.

Ends on: Dec 12

About Kerala Mural Painting

Learn to understand and paint the traditional art of Kerala Mural Painting successively from the eminent mural artist Nibin Raj.

Intensive 3 days classes a month that continues for 5 months.
(12 classes for first four month and 5 classes for the fifth month- total of 17 classes) 

Topics covered-

* Understanding ancient paintings.
* Sketches of commonly/ widely used basic forms and shapes.
* Traditional measurements and methods.
* Painting basics, Colouring the mural way- wash and shading.
* Drawing figures, Dhyana Shlokas and their usages. 

Classes commence on -  10 , 11, 12,th Dec  2019.

(Next four months dates will be announced in future)