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Lahe Lahe Film Club (Summer Love)


Apr 17 | 4 p.m.

Runs till: Apr 17


Lahe Lahe

No. 2906, 2907, HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli 560008

Event Description

Watching films have different meanings for different people. Some of us watch them for entertainment, some get absorbed in them, some get changed by them and for others, it may be the best stress buster. Whatever be your reason, you are welcome to join this club if you enjoy it as much as we do
The process is simple - we will have different themes and we will select 1-3 movies on the same theme. We meet on the third Saturday every month. You need to watch the films on your own before the meetup and we discuss the same during the meetup. If time permits, you can also share about your favorite movies in that genre.
Summer is finally here and the theme for the season is Summer love. The selected movies are Notebook and Dirty Dancing. (We will try and put the link in the event page to help you watch it) Do watch the movies before April 17 and you can join us online or offline to discuss the same
March 17: 4-5 pm
If Online- Zoom
If Offline, Lahe Lahe Indiranagar
Rs. 100 per person 

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