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Lahe Lahe Pop Up Santhe


Jan 31 | noon

Runs till: Jan 31


Lahe Lahe

Bangalore 530069

Event Description

2020 has been quite a different year due to Covid when our idea of fun has been restricted to online performances/ netflix, cooking at home or ordering in...While we welcome 2021- its not that Covid is totally out of our lives . Having said that, people are slowly venturing out with precautions ..Does the idea of having fresh, home made food (not cooked by you! appeal to you? How about fun workshops?
If that's not enough, we also have some other expressions for your creative juices 🙂 Some poetry, some art,some music and a whole lot of fun.
We invite all handmade artists to come and sell their creations. Pottery, Ceramics, Paintings, handicrafts, crochets, copies of photographs that you have clicked - anything handmade. Sketch lovers are also welcome to sketch anytime during the day! If you find buyers for your stuff, go ahead and sell too 🙂 I am sure you will find plenty of inspiration in our charming roof-top!
We also continue with our home made food pop ups- the idea is to encourage the talented home chefs to come and share their love of food with everyone.
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For renting a table to sell you handmade crafts/ food, do connect to us at contactus@lahe-lahe.com or 9886294444

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