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Let’s Get (COLOUR)Bombed Foxtrot – Koramangala & Marathahalli outlets


Mar 09 | noon

Runs till: Mar 16



Bangalore 530069

Event Description

It’s the season of Holi, and you know what that means- it’s time to get (colour) bombed, and Foxtrot, your favourite resto-bar, has you sorted. With an insanely delicious and boozy array of cocktails, inspired by all things Holi, you are sure to down each one in record time.


Inspired by the festivities he saw growing up in Bengal, Head Mixologist Gunjan Pal, has imbued this menu with nostalgic flourishes that will bring to mind being younger and awaiting Holi for days, just to partake in the merriment of bombing your friends in colour, dousing them with water, and celebrating this festival with all your near and dear ones.


In that manner, these cocktails have signature Holi names, and are presented in Foxtrot’s quirky style. Why not order the Rangoli Gola, and relish this icy, vodka laced popsicle, dipped in some sparkling wine, for maximum impact?  Or if you love surprising your unaware friends with a face full of water on Holi, maybe the Pichkaari is more your style. Foxy’s pichkaari’s come loaded with some potent boozy treats and will really brighten up your insta feed!


For your inner child, the Gulaal is not only a treat for your taste buds but the sheer inventiveness of its presentation and watching how the mixture explodes will truly captivate you. And of course, what’s Holi without Thandai? Foxtrot’s version is laced with some spectacular spices and spiked with vodka.


Starts from: INR 299 ++

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