Mad Stupid Halloween with the best in the business from Bangalore at Sarjapur Social

Sarjapur Social

Mad Stupid Halloween with the best in the business from Bangalore at Sarjapur Social

Bar & Restaurant |

Sarjapur Social | Bangalore |

Oct 31 | 9 p.m.

Ends on: Oct 31

About Mad Stupid Halloween with the best in the business from Bangalore at Sarjapur Social

Freak out this 31st October for #MadStupidHalloween parties for the maddest and spookiest neon parties with face paints, hats, masks, props, and crazy funky décor.


It's time to get Mad & Stupid!! Everybody at the mad stupid party looks like they have been hit by the mad hatter and jumping jack. After more than ten crazily successful Mad stupid party & Mad stupid Halloween parties, people at Submerge & Social realize that its time to get even madder and stupider than ever this time.


A party with crazy decor hanging from the ceiling, even neon plastic chairs hanging – strange but... Awesome. Top India acts playing great music which only intensifies the vibe at the party. A photo booth set up at the entrance with tons of props to dress in. Just in case you left your crazy behind, it will be provided for you. A photo is the perfect party giveaway, also on the plus side, it might help you remember things from the last night, the next day!


About Rohit Barker:

A Radio Jockey with Indigo 91.9FM, A DJ on the weekends playing across the country, host of VH1 Supersonic in Goa and a mildly bent personality. Nothing dangerous....just your basic garden variety.


About Rohan Kapoor:

EDM in India and Rohan Kapoor are almost synonymous. This Bangalore boy has played alongside the biggest names in the music industry from around the world and has made a huge impact to the Indian music scene since his debut as a DJ. In Bangalore, a city that knows and loves its music, Rohan has rightfully earned a large, loyal fan following. His music is reputed to be full of unexpected twists and surprises which makes it extremely engaging and entertaining. His ability to change his music to suit the moods of his audience cements his place at the very top of the list of the musicians of his kind.

As a young boy of ten, Rohan knew that music is what he wanted to pursue a career in and today, he is living that dream. Within eight short years as a DJ, Rohan Kapoor has built for himself, a steady, strong fan base and has definitely established himself as an artist to look out for.


About Shiva Manvi:

Following his dreams and living the life he has always wanted to, that is DJ Shiva Manvi’s motto. “Music is more than just a career for me, it’s my passion”, is what he says. Starting off very young, there is no stopping this upcoming and uber talented DJ, whose sounds are unique, out-of-the-box and dynamic. He believes in giving his 100% to his work and has set a sky-high benchmark for himself.


With the right foundation and charismatic spirit to back him up, there is no limit to how far he aims to go.


It is an experience. It is a journey. So come, be a part of it.