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The Man, The Mahatma


Feb 01 | 11 a.m.

Runs till: Feb 08


The Gallery, RMZ Ecoworld

Bangalore 530069

Event Description

RMZ Foundation in collaboration with NIFT, Bengaluru present ‘The

Man, The Mahatma’ exhibition

Bangalore, February 03, 2020: The RMZ Foundation, in collaboration with NIFT Bengaluru, is
hosting a commemorative exhibition titled ‘The Man, The Mahatma’ at the Gallery, RMZ
Ecoworld till February 08, 2020. Alternating between the mediums of photography and textile,
the exhibition aims to take viewers on a contemplative and chronological journey through the
life, principles and legacy of the Mahatma himself. The centrality of khadi, the Mahatma’s own
sartorial brainchild, to the exhibition contextualizes the role of each piece within the idea of the
‘khadi spirit’.

Khadi, being the icon of the ‘Swadeshi; movement wove masses together in the fight to attain
freedom. The ‘khadi spirit’ is a concept by the Mahatma wherein citizens of the nation would
renounce every element of divisiveness and harm such that the future if one of abundant
potential. The fabric by itself becomes an embodiment of the richness of India’s past and the
promise of a future ushered in by a united nation. It is in this spirit that the Mahatma recognized
khadi as the symbol of Indian textile heritage. The revolutionary potential of the fabric as well as
the Mahatma’s ideas have witnessed the emergence of several leaders of resistance
movements like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

Anu Menda, Managing Trustee, RMZ Foundation says “This collaborative endeavor with
NIFT, Bangalore has been curated to study the legacy of the Mahatma and trigger an
introspective experience in each member visiting the exhibition. The Mahatma is an important
figure in the Indian struggle for Independence and was instrumental in demonstrating the power
of tolerance and endurance to the world at large. We hope that this exhibition through it’s
participatory leanings will help elicit and sustain the interest of the general public in
contemporary art. ”
The exhibition will be open to the public till February 08, 2020 and will be a part of the
Foundation’s vision to make art accessible to all.

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