Mangalorean Food Promotion at ITC Gardenia

ITC Gardenia

Mangalorean Food Promotion at ITC Gardenia

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ITC Gardenia | Bangalore |

Nov 01 | noon

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About Mangalorean Food Promotion at ITC Gardenia

This month, in celebration of Karnataka Rajyotsava, Cubbon Pavilion
celebrates a cuisine as wholesome to the culture of the state.

Discover the authentic taste of the cuisine of Mangalore under the aegis of
our ITC Masterchefs, who bring to the table a rich culinary heritage
perfected and embellished through many years of experience. Authentic to
the very essentials, the exquisite menu will feature Mangalorean
specialities such as Prawn Ghee Roast (unique preparation of prawn cooked
in red chili and ghee), Kori Saar (chicken cooked in chilly and coconut
based gravy native to the region), Bolu Huli (spicy Mangalorean style
lentil stew made with eggplant),  Mutton Sukka (spicy mutton cooked with
chili and dry grated coconut) and Jackfruit Biriyani (unripe Jackfruit
cooked with basmati rice and a medley of Indian spices) amongst others.

Come and experience the best of Mangalore, only at ITC Gardenia.