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Mind Manifesto Society at Sly Granny with Author & Podcaster Mohua Chinappa “How to hit your own restart button”


Aug 11 2022 to Aug 11 2022 5 p.m.



Sly Granny

3rd Floor, # 618, 12th Main Rd, above Chicco, Indiranagar 560038

Event Description

Why are women harder hit by workplace ageism more than men? Mohua is a veteran branding specialist, PR expert, writer and podcaster. From being the national head of GCI, the PR Division (The Grey Group), leadership positions in large companies like HCL, ITC, and Brandcomm, running her own PR firm and experiences from both her own life and her personal project, MoodyMo - Mohua's life and career have enabled her to meet, understand, collaborate, network with and befriend a variety of people that most of us will simply never get the chance to. She wishes to address the issues, challenges faced by women. It needs enormous amounts of self-conviction to pursue a career all over again. The forties or fifties for that matter are often a wake-up call - to truly grow up, to get another life, work you really care about, the love you deserve, or the purpose you yearn for. But careers are not the only stretch goal life has in store for women in their forties. Almost every dimension in life reaches peak pressure - and yet, women manage to keep on learning, growing and building. The Mind Manifesto Society is Sly Granny’s own Philosophy Club. Its focus is contemporary, stimulating issues for urban dwellers and seekers. A modern take on the Epicurean Garden, the Mind Manifesto Society seeks smart people, who enjoy the art of debate, introspection and a bit of good conversation with like minded people.

Venue: Sly Granny, # 618, 3rd floor, 12th Main, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Date: Thursday, 11th of August 2022

Time: 5 to 7 PM

Limited capacity event, RSVP 8660057814

Registration link: https://forms.gle/b4k2WVZcoDdvrHVi6

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