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MR#Kadak’s Game Night at 1522


Mar 05 | 8 p.m.

Runs till: Mar 05


1522 the Pub

613, Opposite Sindhoor Convention Center, 15th Cross, 6th Phase, 100 Feet Road, JP Nagar 560078

Event Description

Ashville Simoens A.K.A MR#KADAK

India's Only Drinking Games Host having hosted Drinking Game Nights at over 200 Prime Clubs/Bars & 32 Beer/Food & Music Festivals all over India. His infectious positive energy & hilarious sense of humour is what makes MR#KADAK’s hosting style one of it’s kind. No matter you are aged 8 or 80, MR#KADAK will make sure you have the craziest time of your life while playing the Drinking Games.


There will be games like beer puppet, beer-tac-toe, smack my nuts, bite my cookie, cup ballet, wobble, blow my glass, release the pressure and much MORE!


Stating a bit about Drinking Games in general & what we do:


It is a game of chance or skill that involves the participants to consume alcohol usually with the intent to get drunk.


MR#KADAK comes with a gaming setup which involves elements as basic as nuts, ping pong balls, shot glasses, beer chugging bongs,play cups, straws,CD's gems , oreos, pipes to name a few & curate drinking games which are super fun & engage the guests full power.


How It Works ?? :

Guests arrive at the Drinking Games Booth

MR#KADAK welcomes the guests with the widest smile & the warmest energy

Moving further, MR#KADAK introduces the entire Drinking Games concept to the guest & how it functions

Before the game begins, the guest has to either consume shots / finish a pint of beer / finish the entire glass of the alcohol they prefer & choose to have. Once done, MR#KADAK asks them to turn around 5 times in full motion and swing to make them fully tipsy.


And the Game Play Begins

In each game played, there is going to be a limited number of chances or would have a time bound aspect to it that the guests would have to play with


The competitiveness spirit & the thrill of it is at its maximum while we play the Drinking Games which would be witnessed by everybody , the moment MR#KADAK says ARE YOU READY !! ARE YOU READY !!


A Super Tight Handshake, A fist pump & off course a smile is what MR#KADAK's signature GOODBYE is all about & is what he offers to his guests once the game is over

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