NGMA B invites you to ar-bo-re-tum Tour of Trees


NGMA B invites you to ar-bo-re-tum Tour of Trees

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NGMA | Bangalore |

Mar 01 | 11:30 a.m.

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About NGMA B invites you to ar-bo-re-tum Tour of Trees

National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
(Ministry of Culture, Government of India)

invites you to
                   Tour of Trees
by Rajeev 

His interest in plants and trees is from his childhood growing around a Mango orchard but it became serious after he started working with the Adivasis in Gudalur, TN. There he started understanding the interrelationship between health, medicinal plants and the ecology of the politics of identities. He is actively involved in the documentation of the ethnobotanical knowledge of the traditional medicine followed by the Adivasis and currently developing a bilingual field guide book.

on Sunday, 1st March 2020 at 11.30 am

at National Gallery of Modern Art, 
# 49, Manikyavelu Mansion, Palace Road, Bengaluru - 560052

Telephone: 080 - 22342338, Telefax: 080 22201027
e-mail: [email protected], Website:,, Bengaluru

Entry is free for the event. 

Want to know which trees and plants grow in NGMA Bengaluru premises!

NGMA Bengaluru is happy to announce the which also reminds the ideology of Gandhi who himself was a deep ecologist and immense value of nature, is also delighted to conduct Tree walk in the premises to help people to familiarise with the flora and fauna, field methods and data collection. These kinds of programs help in sensitizing the people to the issues of sustainability and environmental protection, resulting in cleaner and greener habits that will be resulting in an eco-friendly society. 

This is initiation is scheduled once every month on Sunday