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One Stroke Painting Online Workshop


Oct 18 | 5 p.m.

Runs till: Oct 18


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Event Description

What is One stroke painting?
One stroke painting is an art technique in which you can make beautiful paintings in one stroke. You can achieve shading, highlighting, and blending in a single stroke movement. This technique add more depth and realism in paintings and can be used on a variety of different surfaces such as glass, canvas, wood, paper, fabric etc.
What are the basic materials required for the workshop?
– White or black paper
– Acrylic paints
– Flat brush no. 5/6/7(whatever is available)
– Round brush – 0 number or any thin brush
– Water, spare cloth, mixing plate
No prior experience/ artistic experience required!
Participants will practice various brush loading and painting techniques before doing a composition.
Video will be provided post the workshop for view for a limited period.
About the Artist:
Nirupama Chirmade is an artist of One Stroke Painting Technique based in Bangalore. She learnt this art in USA. Her love for Nature was how she begun paintings Flowers and Leaves using acrylic colours. The beauty in one stroke she says is When she see real flowers, she thinks of ways to paint it using One Stroke technique.
Day & Date: Sunday, 18th October
Timings: 5 pm to 7 pm
Venue: Online Session on Zoom
Fee: Rs 800 per person (Inclusive of GST and convenience charges)
Payment Link: https://rzp.io/l/octDEo4C
Note: Once you register, you will be added to a whatsapp group for ease in communication with the steps to join in.
About Bloom and Grow:
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