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Online Kids Summer Camp by The Craftsutra


May 11 | 4 p.m.

Runs till: Jun 05


Online Streaming

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Event Description

Four week filled with fun and knowledge for your children, with activities such as art, crafts, cooking, gardening, dance,music lessons, and more! This lockdown is challenging for kids as well and this online summer camp is a perfect platform for your kid to get socialise with other kids.

Why should adults have all the fun!

Don't let children be the hidden victims of the lockdown. With our specially curated Summer Art Class for kids, let your child unlock their creative potential in the best possible way.


Enrol your kids for art class. If he/she always wanted to paint like the masters do? This workshop could be his/her start! Headed by master painter, They will learn all the basics of art and painting. Its a journey towards finding the steps to learn more in this summer.

Your kid can learn paint with fingers, regional art, comic making, How to coceptulise your own layout and many more...


Enrol your kids for best way to learn how to create something from hand with love, care and petience under the guidance of craft experts by enhancing skill. Craft gives confidence to a kid to create something new every day.

Our craft classes are designesd with sessions like upcycling, puppetry, origami and many more...


If your kid love flip, bounce and tumble. These dance sessions are best for him/ her to explore a new energy by learning new steps of dance with our dance Guru. Enrol your kid for our Dance claases in Live Online Summer Camp. 


A kid is so fond of music because of nosaligic lullaby. No matters whats the age we all love music . And learning musical instrument is a desire of every kid. Dont worry abut instruments, Your kitchen is having enough musical instrument for your lil champ. Enrol your kid for this exciting & amazing music class.


Enrol your kid for this super fun cooking class, kids can also bake something delicious for mommies.

Cooking is an art which can make your kid self dependent with taste. Let your kid enhance cooking skill.


Unfortunately, it's not easy being a kid these days . It's important to train kids at a young age for the art of living. Stretching can help kids to deal with this pressure-cooker situation. And infuse energy and confidence into a kid personality.

Find the link in the Bio and register to receive the details over email.


The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility . Gardening is super fun with a responsbility growing a small plant and taking care of it.  

Find the link in the Bio and register to receive the details over email.

Last day to submit the form is Wednesday, May 8. Classes starting from Monday, May 11.

For any query write to us at thecraftsutra@gmail.com or call at 8447367821.  

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