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Jun 06 | 6:30 p.m.

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About Open Mic 1.0

As everyone is well aware of the current global pandemic concerning Covid-19, we've found ourselves in an unprecedented and unique situation where we need to unite in our actions more than ever to combat and win over the coronavirus. In these tough times, it is relatively easy to be bored or be bogged down by negative thoughts.

Aren't we all a little bored in this Lockdown? Are you missing your weekend Open Mic sessions? Well, in that case, we have got you covered..!!

Let's lighten up our moods and embrace the goodness of open mics NOW DIGITALLY..!! Yes Kehkasha, in association with Enlightening media has come with a solution to fulfill your artistic hunger of trying out new material. Let's take the Concept of open mics one level up. Hurry up Book Your Tickets and get your slot only 20 slots available.

CONTACT - or 8824472154 for more details.

How can you join?

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Simply login in with your zoom account on zoom app and join the artists on the webinar id or link sent to you via mail. 

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