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Open Studio / Workshop With Preethi Athreya


Sep 30 2023 to Sep 30 2023 7 p.m.


Price: Rs 2000 Book/Buy


Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore

716, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road, First Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru 560038

Event Description

Investigating the relationship with objects inherited, collected or lost.

Chennai-based contemporary dancer and choreographer Preethi Athreya is offering a workshop to performers, performance-makers, writers, theatre artists, sound and visual artists. The three-day workshop investigates ways in which the objects we live with can become a source of creative expression.

How can the act of looking, touching or holding these objects be a way to ‘read’ them; how do they converse with our anatomical selves? The workshop involves writing, making scores, moving and responding to images.

By a reassessment of what we consider to be our belongings, the workshop offers some triggers for a reflection of who we are and what things have written us collectively into being.

Dates and time: September 28, 29, 30, 2023 | 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Venue: Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore
Workshop Fee: INR 2000
*By Registration only.*

As part of her ongoing research from her project INHERITAGE, Preethi will present a performance. INHERITAGE is an installation that traces a relationship with objects inherited, passed on or lost. Through the development of text, movement and sound, Preethi presents a personal ‘archaeology’ of objects, embodying critical questions of our attachment to our belongings, to the idea of belonging and to place.

Open to all.

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