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Paint Your Feelings: Explore and nourish yourself through art with Disha Dutt


Nov 27 2021 to Nov 27 2021 6 p.m.



Museum of Art & Photography (MAP)

Kasturba Road, Bengaluru 560001

Event Description

During the course of our busy daily lives, we often forget the most important thing we have — ourselves. When was the last time you did something for YOU? How well do you really know YOURSELF? Guided meditation and art-making exercises are a great way to tap into our inner selves and practice self-reflection.

Join artist and art therapist Disha Dutt in an immersive workshop where you will discover, nourish and explore your inner self through the magical medium of art through making and sharing activities.

This event is conducted as part of the lead-up to MAP’s second edition of our annual festival, Art is Life: SoundFrames which is conceptualised around music.

Materials required: Large sheets of paper, paints, a bowl of water, crayons, collage materials, scissors, glue, pencils, charcoal, etc. Any other art material of your choice, comfortable clothes, a quiet space, good internet connectivity, headphones, and an open mind.

We encourage participants with any kind of difficulty related to hearing, speaking, learning, etc. to participate in the workshop. If you are a participant of this nature, please write to access@map-india.org prior to registration and let us know the nature of the difficulty and the accommodations that may be required. We will try our best to make the necessary arrangements in consultation with you.

(This event will be on Zoom)

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