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Priyadarshi Ashok


Jun 10 2023 to Jun 11 2023 3:30 p.m.



Jagriti Theatre

Jagriti Theatre, Varthur Rd, Near Adarsh Palm Meadows, Ramagondanahalli, Whitefield 560066

Event Description

Devi compels a reluctant Ashok to go to Patliputra and take the reins of the Mauryan empire. In Patliputra Ashok discovers that there is a deep-seated conspiracy by Mahanand of Kaling, who is one of the descendants of Dhananand, the erstwhile king of Magadh. Mahanand is suspected of engineering the untimely deaths of princes Sushim, Ripudaman and Sukirti. Why was Mahanand relentlessly influencing and goading Kaling to attack the mighty Magadh? Was the war inevitable? The play is a new historical perspective on the great king Ashok. It tries to give an insight into the psyche of a misunderstood regent accursed to become a king by the whims of destiny.

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