Raj Pavilion presents Coasts of Colombo

Raj Pavilion,

Raj Pavilion presents Coasts of Colombo

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Raj Pavilion, | Bangalore |

Feb 15 | 7 p.m.

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About Raj Pavilion presents Coasts of Colombo

Often referred to as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, the spice island of Sri
Lanka  has  a  lot to offer to the world besides its famed sweets, desserts
and   exotic   fruits.  Although  it  is  heavily  influenced  from  Indian
(particularly  South  Indian),  Indonesian  and Dutch cuisines, the country
evidently  also shares close ties to other neighbouring South and Southeast
Asian  cuisines.  With  rice,  coconut,  and  native  tropical  fruits  and
vegetables  forming  the  building blocks of a typical Sri Lankan meal, the
food  in  the  island  ranges  from very mild to fiery hot and dominant and
powerful flavours, depending upon an individual’s preference.

As  this  gorgeous  island  of  Rice  and  Curry makes liberal use of local
fruits,  seafood and indigenous spices to create an abundance of incredible
dishes, it is natural for you to savour it long after the meal is over.

This  month,  let the Chefs at ITC Windsor take you through the land of the
Sinhalese,  with  traditional  dishes  like Ala Hodi or savory Potato curry
with  a  coconut  broth,  Sri  Lankan Omlette Curry, Pol Roti or Sri Lankan
Classic  Coconut  flatbread,  String  Hoppers with Kari, Sri Lankan Kotthu,
Lamprais,  Lunumiris,  Wambata Moju or Pickled eggplant preparation, Bedapu
Maalu  or  Sri  Lankan Fish Fry and Sri Lankan Prawn Devil curry, to name a
few.  For  the  ones  with a sweet tooth, they can indulge in desserts like
Wattalapam, Aasmi, Peni/Undu Walalu, Konda Kavum, etc.

Savour  the  cuisine  of  this  tropical  country and rediscover the joy of
rustic dining, only at Raj Pavilion.