Raj Pavilion presents Vikariously Norwegian

Raj Pavilion,

Raj Pavilion presents Vikariously Norwegian

Bar & Restaurant |

Raj Pavilion, | Bangalore |

Nov 17 | 7 p.m.

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About Raj Pavilion presents Vikariously Norwegian

A  large coastline, prehistoric culture and an appetite for traditional yet
gourmet  cuisine, the Scandinavian country of Norway offers an eclectic and
adventurous   taste.   Although  strongly  influenced  by  its  traditional
background,  the  country  bears semblance to other European countries with
its variations on the global dishes like tacos, pizza and waffles.

Known  for  wild  spaces  and  deep  fjords  with  cold,  clean  water, the
traditional  Norwegian  food  is a mix of unusual goodness with top-quality
fish, lamb and milk products.

This  month, let the Chefs at ITC Windsor take you on a journey through the
lands of Vikings as they display a range of gourmet dishes from this exotic
country.  On  the  menu  will  be  traditional dishes like Salmon Gravalax,
Nordic Nicose Salad, Kumla, Lapskaus, Norwegian Pierogi, KjØttkaker to name
a  few.  For the ones with a sweet tooth, they can indulge in desserts like
Fastelavnsbolle,    Krumkake,   Dronning   Mauds   pudding,   Granola   Med
Kirsebaerkompott, etc.