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Rang: The Colors of Kuchipudi Vyastha Nrithyam


Jun 09 2024 to Jun 09 2024 7:30 p.m.


Price: Rs 500 Book/Buy


Jagriti Theatre

Jagriti Theatre, Varthur Rd, Near Adarsh Palm Meadows, Ramagondanahalli, Whitefield 560066

Event Description

The evening begins with an Invocation Abhinaya Vibhava followed by the recitals ‘Aham Bhumi’ and ‘Gopala Krishna’ , ending the show with ‘Bala Krishna’

1. Aham Bhoomi This is a conversation between Bhudevi and Lord Vishnu, pleading with him to rescue her from the Asura Hiranyaksha. When Bhudevi was abducted by Hiranyaksha, she beseeches Lord Naryarana. She says “You are called by the name KariRaja because you have rescued the Elephant king Gajendra from the clutches of the crocodile. You are also called the great Madhusudana because you killed the demons, Madhu-Kaitabha in your manifestation as Lord Hayagriva. Why don’t you take pity and rescue me? I surrender to you. Please rescue me!!!! You are beautiful with dancing bells on your feet and bracelets on your wrists, You assuage the fears of the learned brahmans and devatas, and You dispel all evil on the earth with kindness. I surrender to you... Please rescue me.” The lyrics for this piece have been taken from Vishnupuaranam and Krishna Leela Tarangini.

Music composed by: Dr Rajkumar Bharati

Ragam: Ragamalika, Talam: Talamalika

Dance Choreographed by: Sri Avijit Das

2. Gopala Krishna

The protagonist Lord Krishna is surprised at the indifference of the pretty girl who has caught his eye. While he is sought by so many Gopikas, he has his eyes set on this special girl who has made his heart flutter. He tries to work his charms on her but she shows no interest. She wastes all her time in front of the mirror decorating her already pretty face but fails to come to him when he is close to her. Much to his chagrin, she turns her attention to someone else. Krishna is filled with jealousy and even blows one of his peacock feathers to her that the gentle breeze carries in her direction. It is easy enough for her to catch the feather but she rather coldly lets it drop to the ground. Krishna’s pride is crushed and he feels spurned by this extraordinary beauty. He laments and asks her name wondering if she even knows who he is. I am the protector of the whole world and that even includes you - he says. Does this move the girl? Let’s see

Chitike Vesite a Padam Composition of: Sarangapani

Ragam: Kalyani, Talam: Adi

Dance choreographed by: Sri Avijit Das

3. Bala Krishna

This piece is from the perspective of lord Krisna's father Nanda who is trying to make him fall asleep in the absence of his mother Yashoda. Nanda adorns Krishna with the yellow silk of Benaras and decorates him, he realizes that something is missing from Krishna's decoration which is his flute, and by the time Nanda tries to get the flute Krishna runs out. Nanda says, “O my little Krishna please come quickly and show me your beautiful face. With anklets in the leg and blue gem studded bangles in the hand, Oh! coloured one, come dancing to me. On the hips, you wear the belt with bells, rings on your fingers and the garland of Vaijayanthi on your neck, please come. You who showed the universe in your mouth to your mother, Oh God who carried the earth, Oh Our God Udupi Sri Krishna” Krishna Nee Begane Baro

A composition of Sage Vyasaraya

Ragam: Kalyani, Talam: Misra Chapu

Choreographed by Avijit Das

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