Ranga Shankara AHA!'s Little Cloud - Series 2 on Digital Media!

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Ranga Shankara AHA!'s Little Cloud - Series 2 on Digital Media!

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May 22 | 11 a.m.

Ends on: May 30

About Ranga Shankara AHA!'s Little Cloud - Series 2 on Digital Media!

Ranga Shankara AHA!'s "Little Cloud", the storytelling programme is back with Series 2. There will be 20 stories for children aged 4 and above, performed by 17 storytellers. These stories are in 6 languages (Kannada, English, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi and Sign Language). There will be three stories in classical Indian traditions - Yakshagana, Kutiyattam and Gondhal. 5 of the stories are from storytellers abroad - Germany, Switzerland and USA.

Two stories will premiere every day from 22 May till 30 May at 11 AM and 11 30 AM everyday. Prasad Cherkady, a renowned Yakshagana artiste from Udupi will kick off the series with the story of Ekalavya. The other story tellers are: Gertrude and Maximilian Trobinger from Germany (Eng), Malavika from Pondicherry (Tam), Mandya Ramesh from Mysore (Kan), V Balakrishnan from Chennai (Eng), Eshwar from Pondicherry (Eng), Bonnie Duncan from USA (Eng), Ajeet Singh Palawat of Mumbai (Hin), David Benito Garcia from Germany (Eng), Simone Oswald from Germany (Eng), Ipshita Chakraborty Singh from Mumbai (Hin), Kavya Srinivasan of Bangalore (Sign Language), Kapila Venu from Iranjalakuda, Kerala (Kutiyattam), Anita Bertolami from Switzerland (Eng), Nandish Umap of Mumbai (Marathi in Gondhal form), and Puja Sarup of Mumbai (Eng).

There is wide variety in the stories - some of them from mythology, fairy tales, some of them devised by the storytellers themselves, some of them written by well known story writers.

"Our first series of Little Cloud going digital had a very heartwarming response - children and grown ups enjoyed it equally. We are very encouraged by this and hope the second series will be equally well received. I am particularly happy to have stories in Yakshagana, Kutiyattam and Gondhal - all the storytellers have taken extreme interest to make their complex forms accessible to children. Of course, the story in Sign Language is another favourite. With five story tellers from abroad bringing their stories from their countries, the Little Cloud is slowly becoming a treasure chest of great stories from around the world," says Arundhati Nag, the Artistic Advisor of Ranga Shankara.

Ranga Shankara AHA!'s Little Cloud Series 1 premiered a few days ago and 22 stories by some of the country's best theatre actors is available on Ranga Shankara's YouTube channel and Facebook page. This series was a runaway hit and the stories are also published on the websites of Govt of Karnataka's Department of Public Library and Department of Primary and Secondary Education, a testimony to their relevance and popularity.