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Ranga Shankara AHA's storytelling goes Digital


Apr 18 | 11 a.m.

Runs till: Apr 18


Online Streaming

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Event Description

Ranga Shankara's signature storytelling programme, "The Little Cloud" goes digital with 22 stories in 6 languages by 15 of the country's best theatre artistes. The programme will be streamed everyday for 10 days on Ranga Shankara's YouTube channel starting this Sat, 18th Apr. There will be two stories every morning, at 11 AM and 11 20 AM.

A galaxy of theatre artistes will be telling stories for children in the age group 3 to 6 years and above 6. The six languages are Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Sign language. The storytellers are: B Jayashri (Kan), Ratna Pathak Shah (Eng), Arundhati Nag (Kan and Eng), Revathy (Tamil and Eng), Sihikahi Chandru (Kan), MD Pallavi (Kan and Eng), Padmavati Rao (Hin and Eng), Adishakti (Eng), Ajeet Singh Palawat (Hin), Anurupa Roy (Eng), Darius Sunawala and Arti Punwani (Eng), Ipshita Chakraborty Singh (Bengali), Kavya Srinivasan (Sign Language), Kapila Venu (Kutiyattam) and Sharanya Ramprakash (Eng).

"Today, more than ever before, as we look into the way we have conducted our lives and the kind of world we are going to bequeath to the little ones, we need to share with them stories. Stories that will enlarge their sense of  self sufficiency, respect for others, sense of justice, sharing, caring and many more ways to negotiate and shape the different world ahead," says Arundhati Nag, Artistic Advisor of Ranga Shankara.

"Each storyteller has brought in her/ his own signature into the stories. There are puppets, props, stories told indoors or outdoor, stories with live music, all shot in the last few days, under lockdown. As Padmavati Rao tells us in her trailer, these are "stories from here and there, about us and someone else, about kings and soldiers, about then and now". There are stories from mythology, history, folk traditions and more. It is a feast for children and of course, adults too! "The way these artistes from all over India have responded to our request for telling stories has been extremely heartwarming".

Some of the stories - B Jayashri (Gandharvasenaru theerikondaru and Tenali Rama), Ratna Pathak (Emperor Akbar gets an Education), Arundhati Nag (Red Green Blue Yellow Bird and Tunta Tillu), Sihikahi Chandru (Dum Dum Dum and Jaana Kalla), Kapila Venu (Sita in the Forest), Sharanya Ramprakash (The Cat's Tale), Anurupa Roy (Tea Party...for One), Padmavati Rao (Naak ki bani Soond and As Dear as Salt), MD Pallavi (The Elephant's Nose - Kan and Wonderful Christmas Gift - Eng), Darius Soonawala and Arti Punwani (When the Dragons Came), Adishakti (Stories of Bhima 1 and 2), Ipshita Chakraborty (Rajar Mushkil), Ajeet Singh Palawat (Chi Chi Chidiya) and Kavya Srinivasan (The Deaf Tree, Sign Language).

Several trailers on the stories are out on Ranga Shankara's social media handles.

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